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Who We Are

BorderlessWealth CPA is a licensed, boutique Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) firm specializing in Canadian, US, and cross-border tax planning services for entrepreneurs and businesses of the digital economy who are looking to expand internationally as part of the next phase of their growth.

We are a virtual CPA firm licensed to provide tax and accounting services remotely for clients with presence in Canada and in the US (all states).


Our sector focus is in e-commerce (online retailers and service providers), and technology (SaaS, blockchain). Our typical client profile includes such businesses with a high growth mindset and is on the cutting edge of developing new technologies, products, or services.

Just like our clients, we also rely on new technologies and automation to deliver our services virtually. We are constantly looking for ways to improve processes so that the best possible customer experience can be delivered to all of our clients across the world.

Leveraging the technical expertise and vast experiences gained from working in “big four” accounting firms and multinational companies, we are well positioned to provide value-added, creative, and cost-effective tax strategies and accounting solutions for your cross-border business with the objective of minimizing cash tax liability, maximizing profitability, and delivering a positive ROI.

We take a pro-active approach and work with clients throughout the year to plan for the future because we understand the importance of providing timely advice. We take pride in being responsive to client communication and delivering services with technical excellence and acute attention to detail.


Who We Are

We offer strategic tax planning and full-service outsourced accounting for businesses and entrepreneurs in the digital economy.
Our typical client has a high growth mindset and is on the cutting edge of developing newtechnologies, products, or services.

e-commerce sellers

As a online store owner (whether it be Amazon FBA, Shopify, or other eCommerce platforms), you are busy with sourcing products, negotiating with suppliers, managing inventory, digital marketing, customer service, and managing competition. Working with us allow you to focus on running your store, while we manage your finances and help you reduce your tax bill along the way.

Online entrepreneurs

You are an eCommerce entrepreneur who runs an online-based services business (freelancers, digital marketing consultants/agencies, online coaches/gurus, tech consultants, etc). Providing your clients value and keeping them happy is your number one priority. We make accounting and tax simple for you so you can fully dedicate your time to serving your clients

Technology Companies and Start-Ups

As a technologist, your company is developing and scaling the next big software platform or application that can bring new business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions to the marketplace. ​ Let us help you position your company to meet its goals from startup to exit, whether they be attracting investors, raising funds, maximizing R&D credits, and structuring effective exit strategies.


Our Process

Free Consultation Call

This is a discovery call where we discuss your current cross-border tax and accounting situation, needs, and objectives. This is also a chance for you to learn about us. If there is a potential for us to add value your business, we will proceed with the next step.

Gathering Information

We will also prepare a questionnaire for you to answer and request you to send us the financials, tax returns, organizational chart, projections, and other relevant information to be determined. The goal at this stage is to understand your business so that the right cross-border tax strategy is implemented.

Presentation of Findings & Proposal

If we discover there are opportunities to minimize tax, improve cash flow, and ROI, we will provide you with proposal and a fee-quote. If you want to move forward, we will formalize the engagement and execute a services agreement.

Design of Tax Plan

This is where we present the customized cross-border tax plan in detail (which may include various options and associated step plan) along with the tax implications, cash flow implications, ROI estimation, corporate/operational considerations, and other relevant matters which need to be addressed.

Implementation Assistance

Working with founders, Management, employees, and external advisors to execute the tax plan. This step would include reviewing any legal agreements from a tax perspective; advising on any intercompany accounting matters; tax registration/setup of new entities created; set-up of accounting processes for new entities; assisting with re-designing operational processes if required.

Outsourced Accounting & Tax Support

After implementation, we offer full-service Outsourced Accounting Services to provide on-going support in tax planning, tax compliance, accounting, and payroll for both Canadian and US entities.


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